Microsoft Office 2019 Download –

Microsoft Office 2019 Download –

Microsoft Office 2019 is the latest addition to the extensive list of world-class productivity suite offered by Microsoft. It is an advanced desktop version of Office that incorporates all the benefits of Office 365 and much more. Office download is available for both Windows and Mac devices making it an extremely versatile option. Not only that, it integrates some of the most impressive features and functionality with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Office 2019 Download

Office 2019 Download

Office 2019 Download is an extremely user-friendly process that doesn’t require any specialized technical know-how.

Open An Internet Browser

First and foremost, you should open your preferred internet browser on your computer. It could be Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. You can open it either from the taskbar or desktop. 

Go to Microsoft Store

Now, you must access the online Microsoft Store. It is the easiest method to procure the Office 2019 Download. For this, enter “ ” in your browser’s address bar. Then, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Consequently, you will get the Microsoft Store on your system that provides details of all the products available with Microsoft.

Select Office Product

Now, look at the very top of the website starting from the left-hand corner. Following the Microsoft logo and name, there will be a host of options like Store, Devices, Softwares etc. Here, you should click on “Softwares” to open the drop-down menu box. Thereafter, select “Office” from the list of “Software Products”. As a result, it will redirect you to the Office product page.

Locate Office 2019

Microsoft Office comes in multiple versions crafted for specific user requirement and computing environment. As such, this window provides details of all the available versions of Office Products. Here, you should look for the particular Office 2019 version as per your requirements. Hence, click on the selected product to get its complete details. 

Add Office 2019 to Cart

Now, carefully review the details of your selected product for Office 2019 Download. Thereafter, click on “Buy Now” to get a detailed breakdown of its price. Besides that, it will also add Office 2019 to your “Shopping Cart”.

Check Cart

Next, you should click on the “Cart” icon located at the top right-hand corner to check your “Cart”. Your “Shopping Cart” displays the actual price to be paid for Office 2019 Download. This window also allows you to select your Subscription period. Hence, click on the drop-down box for tenure and make an appropriate selection. This will automatically adjust the final billing amount. Finally, click on “Check Out” to proceed for payments.

Sign In to Microsoft Account

You can make payment for Office setup 2019 Download only if you are logged in to your Microsoft account. Hence, the following window will prompt you to “Sign In” to your account if you are not already signed in. Therefore, “Sign In” to your account. However, in case if you don’t have an account yet. Then, you must create an account first and log in to it.

Make Payment

Once you are logged in to your account, then proceed to make the payment. For this, select one of the available options like PayPal or Card. Then, accurately enter the relevant payment details. Thereafter, confirm the purchase by making the payment.

Microsoft Office Download

Consequently, it will provide access to a secure link for Office Download and Product Keycode in your account. Along with that, it will also send a confirmation email containing the download link and keycode. Now, click on the Download link. This will initiate the Office 2019 Download process.

Save The Downloaded File

Usually, it saves the downloaded file at the system’s default download location. However, in case if it prompts to save the setup file. Then, click on “Save As” or “Save” and provide a preferred location.


Finally, wait for the Microsoft Office 2019 Download process to complete successfully. Meanwhile, ensure that your system stays connected to the internet throughout the process.