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Office 365 Download | Office 365 Setup | Office Setup

Office 365 is a subscription product that includes various products like MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, and much more. For accessing various Office features, you have to go through the Office 365 Download process. After this, install the application and use it for fulfilling all your business, personal and educational purposes. 

Office 365 Download

The first step of the process is to purchase your Office 365 product. Purchase can be made by following the process mentioned below. 

    1. First of all, open a web browser.
    2. Now, move to the official website of Office by typing “” in the address bar. 
    3. In the next window, click the orange-colored “Get Office” tab. 
    4. This will open the list of Office products, both for Home and Business users.
    5. Look at all the features and offerings of the product and choose the desired Office product you want to buy. 
    6. Then, click the “Buy Now” option provided under your product. 
    7. Further, your shopping cart will appear. Review your order and tap the “Checkout” button provided on the right side of the screen. 
    8. For moving further with the purchase process, Office requires you to sign in to your Office account. 
    9. In case you are a new user, then you first have to create an Office account. For account creation, you can follow the instructions given below.
      • Firstly, click the “Create One” option from the Sign In page.
      • Then, provide the email address that you want to link with your Office account. 
      • Tap the “Next” button. 
      • After that, create a password for securing your account and click the “Next” tab.
      • In the next window, enter your first and last name followed by clicking the “Next” tab.
      • Choose a country or region and your date of birth.
      • Select the “Next” button. 
      • Now, you will get a verification code. 
      • Open the mail and enter the code in its respective field. 
      • For getting notifications, you can tick mark the checkbox.
      • Next, you will be asked to read the “Privacy Policy” and “Microsoft Services Agreement” documents.
      • Click the “Next” tab. 
      • In the final window, provide the captcha characters and click the “Next” tab.  
    10. For signing into your Office Account, enter your email address on the sign-in page and click the “Next” tab. Then, provide the password you have created for your account followed by clicking the “Sign In” tab. 
    11. In the next window, Office asks you to provide the payment details.  
      • On the left-hand side of the page, select a payment method.
      • Click the “Select” tab.
      • Provide all the required details like Card Number, Holder Name, CVV, Address, etc. 
      • Click the “Save” tab. 
    12. After that, review your order carefully. 
    13. Finally, click the “Place Order” tab. This will successfully complete the Office purchase process.

Office 365 Download


After purchasing the Office 365 product, the next step is to download the product on your system. For downloading the product, you have to follow the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Firstly, visit the Office sign-in page by typing “” in the address bar. 
  2. Now, sign in to your account by providing the associated email address and password.
  3. In your Office account, you will get an “Install Office” link. Click the link for Office 365 download. 
  4. This will begin the Office 365 download process. Downloading might take a few minutes to get completed. Hence, wait patiently. 
  5. After the successful completion of the download process, you can start by installing the application.